Monday, February 15, 2010

it's been awhile!!

Hello all, I thought I'd take advantage of this lovely President's Day to update the blog...Facebook has become so popular that I've really let this lag.'s the important stuff. The puking has all but stopped...does he still puke...sure! Once in a while, but it's TOTALLY manageable. In fact, I'm actually afraid to type this for fear of jinxing anything. Back in the middle of 2009 he was still puking 150 times a we're in single digits! I'll take that anyday. We're off almost all meds and he's doing great.

Feeding is a completely different issue. He's still scared to eat and he just doesn't have the skills he needs...all those things that are a natural progression for most children just never happened for Zack because he was too busy vomiting. Food has made him so uncomfortable for 2 years that NOT eating is just easier. I'm happy to report that he's definitely a little more experimental, but it's incredibly slow progress. We're working hard on that front.

In general, however, life has been so much better for all of us in a short time...We can take Zack places without 8 changes of clothing and 10 towels...I don't feed him holding a bowl anymore...the stress level is way down...all welcome changes. We hope to only see him progress from here.

On the FUN side, Z is smart and funny and is SUCH a happy kid. He loves people and his friends. he loves school and being outside. He's a joy to everyone around him. Here are some pictures from his recent adventures.

Thanksgiving at Aunt Sharley's house:

Having a blast

Playing with Aunt Kim.

Christmas morning at home and afternoon at Aunt Sharley's:
(notice the pointed toes...I'm so proud!)

New Year's Day...a walk in the park with Storm:

Thanks for reading! Here's to a burger in 2010!!!!