Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zack's Birthday

It was the day before my baby shower...I was going to take a half day at work so I could clean my carpets and plant flowers...wellllll...then the pain began. I was at work and felt like something was terribly wrong. I went to the doctor and she told me to get to L&D immediately...that Zack was going to make his debut that afternoon...and he did. It was scary, but he was a healthy, happy 4lbs 3oz and 17.5 inches long. Both Grandma and her friend Judi and Kevin made it there with plenty of time to spare. Aunt Kim made it, too!

Zack was in the hospital for 31 days with wonderful nurses who took such good care of him and taught Kevin and I SO much! Zack just needed to learn to eat and put on a few lbs! He did a good job of that and went home on October 30th at 5lb 3oz. Halloween Eve!

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