Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching up with Zack

Howdy everyone!
Normally I try to update the blog weekly, but it's been a few weeks. We've had some rough times lately...mostly to do with feeding (as most of you know). There's some light at the end of the tunnel, though...a front tooth is peeking through (that makes three for those of you at home with scorecards) and he's finally been healthy lately (we had a couple weeks with recurring fevers). On the developmental side, Zack is growing with leaps and bounds...he crawls as fast as lightning and Mom and Dad REALLY need to buy a couple baby gates!!! He's starting to put his feet underneath him to try to climb on things (Ack!) and he's showing a lot of interest in drinking from a cup (we got some cool new ones at Ikea). We'll be starting a new program to get some help on the feeding front and all will be well! Here are some pictures to catch you all up! I can't believe he is going to turn ONE in 25 days!

Here is a shot of the new tooth nub...look closely!

Here's Z at Grandma's house trying to climb up!

Here's a shot of Z and OUR lifesaver...the mesh feeder that holds an ice cube...amazing for teething!

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