Monday, April 27, 2009

March for Babies 2009

Team Zack Attack raised over $2200 for the March of Dimes. We thank each and every one of you who donated and sent us good thoughts. We had a wonderful day with lots of family, friends, a picnic and sunshine. The walk was a great success!!

Carolina and Lisa do a warm up dance!

Everyone having a good laugh (Z made a new labradoodle friend)

Grandma and Auntie Kim

Z's own warm up dance!


Kev, Greg and Z ready to Walk!

Joni passes out at Check point one...

but recovers nicely with an ice cream!

Z wants out of the stroller for a while!

Walk on!

Goofy Gals!

Having fun!

Time to hydrate!!

Finish line dance!!

Time to party!!


Gwendolyn said...

Wow I can't belive you guys raised that much money that's great!!!! Zak is such a cutie! He looks like he had a blast (so does everyone else).

Oh and I know you asked how tall Nicholas is... I just keep forgetting to measure him.

Surviving the first trimester said...

Those are great photos! Wonderful job to all! We still love your little face Zack!!!!!