Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Days

Not much has been going on at the Landrum house lately. Zack had his endoscopy to look inside his esophagus, tummy and intestines and everything came back AOK. As happy as that makes me, it's so frustrating that there is no anatomical reason for all of this...In any event, Zack came through as happy as always! This picture was taken not much more than an hour after getting home from being under anaesthesia!

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we all went to the park. Storm chased some squirrells and Zack was a little out of control! Enjoy a couple pictures!


Gwendolyn said...

He is just so cute!

Good and bad news I guess about the endo. To bad you don't have any answers!

I am jealous of the short sleeves! We got snow again this weekend.

abby said...

We had the same thing---clean scopes, no damage, etc etc. I remember feeling the same frustration: we KNEW something was wrong but no one could find evidence of it (eosinophils, or at least some sign that acid was hurting Hallie's esophagus). A good thing not to have damage; a bad thing, not to have answers.